Writing Guidelines for “Local Guide” Assignments

Writing Guidelines for “Local Guide” Assignments

Contributors should follow these guidelines when writing about local restaurants, clubs, bars, services, places, events, festivals, parades, plumbers, retailers, local shops and malls, museums, hotels, florists, churches, salons, health care services, etc. -Think about how your content will be helpful to local consumers. Include details that a consumer would want or need to know. -Be sure to include an opening paragraph that summarizes what you will be explaining in your content.

Examples of “local guide” assignments: For restaurant/bar/club-related reviews, include details such as location, hours, price range, available discounts, happy hours, atmosphere, service quality, type of food/drinks, reservation information, parking or public transportation, best dishes, what it’s known for, why locals like it, neighborhood information, etc. For local service-related reviews, include details such as what type of service is offered, quality of service, location, hours and contact information, discounts available, advantages of each service, etc. For local arts and entertainment related content (eg festivals, parades, fireworks, celebrations and events), include details such as an event schedule, ticket information, must-see booths and performers, kid-friendly events, contests, food booths, transportation and parking, applicable websites, etc. -Use relevant keywords and keyphrases in your title and throughout your content. -Use correct grammar and spelling. -Use clean, easy-to-follow formatting; bullets, numbering, bolded sub-heads, etc.

Below are past examples of content we have assigned that correctly followed the guidelines listed above: -Top 5 Hotels Near the Indianapolis Speedway -Top 10 Record Stores in Austin, Texas -Farmers Markets in Your Area -Public Tennis Parks in Your Town -Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Your Town -Children’s Birthday Party Venues in Your Town -2011 Memorial Day Events and Festivals in Your City -St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Your Town -Dermatologists in Your Local Area -Sushi Restaurants in SoHo -Bed & Breakfasts in Your State


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