Writing Craft Secrets

a)       Exposition-Facts and Opinions

b)       Narrative – Story

c)       Dialog – Speech

d)       Setting

e)       Character

f)        Point of view

g)       Emotion – describe feelings through action of person.

h)       To make a person come alive render his appearance in specific detail

i)         Devices

          i)         Image

          ii)       Simile- use “like” or “as” – comparison of two unlike things

          iii)      Metaphor-simile without “like” or “as” – words or phrases brought together that don’t normally belong together

          iv)     Symbolism

          v)       Flashback

          vi)     Foreshadowing

         vii)    Markers that signal a person’s background

j)        Details

          i)         Props

          ii)       Tone

          iii)      Action

          iv)     New setting

          v)       Sight, smell, taste, sound, touch

k)       Audience

l)         Voice

m)     Dramatization – Dramatize scenes important to the story

          i)         Use lots of dialog

          ii)       Create dialog that characterizes people and relationships

          iii)      Interrupt dialog with gestures and small actions

          iv)     Set the scene for visualization

n)       Time compression

          i)         Description – most compressed

          ii)       Narrative Summary – Compressed

          iii)      Immediate Scene – No compression

o)       Pace

          i)         Use active verbs

          ii)       Most adverbs are unnecessary

          iii)      Make adjectives do the work that needs to be done

          iv)     Eliminate qualifiers

                    (1)     “sort of”

                    (2)     “kind of”

                    (3)     “very”


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