Lifewriting Formats

Lifewriting Formats

a)       Family History/Genealogy (Can be huge depending on documentation) My wife’s documentation  is 18 inches high.

    i)         Do research

    ii)       Dig for details

    iii)      Find skeleton in the closet

    iv)     Use photographs, drawings, maps and charts.

    v)       Provide adequate documentation

b)       Autobiography – (Big…Book length) Chronological, accuracy is essential.

c)       Memoir (Big…Book length)

    i)         Focus on Events or themes

    ii)       Write in 1st person – “I”

    iii)      Think small or narrow

    iv)     Cover one point

    v)       A window, not a summary of life,

    vi)     The secret is “details”

    vii)    Part of country

          (1)     Create a sense of place

          (2)     Topography

          (3)     Climate

          (4)     Attitude of people

d)       Mosaic/Quilt (Personal Essays and Short Stories in one volume) – Mark Twain’s “Life on theMississippi”

e)       Personal Essay  (500 to 1,500 words) about “I”.

f)        Short Story (500 to 10,000 words)


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