About me…….

I can tell if I want to read something after the first few sentences.

A man and his wife were sitting behind a card table in the corner of a crowded Fairgrounds field. They had a stack of self-published paperback books. The title, “The Doctor from Bell Buckle”. His sales approach was unique and I bought his memoir.

I struggled through the first few boring pages and tossed the book in the trash can and went on with my life.

I didn’t want the same thing to happen to what I wrote about my unique but somewhat average life. Why write if no one will read it? I began to trudge the road to entertaining writing. I called in consultants to two writer’s workshops I ran in the Retirement Learning at Vanderbilt program and used what I learned from them to continue with additional workshops. All the while I tried to use what I had learned from the writing experts to convert my own memories into memoirs.

The result is a series of essays and short stories allowing a peek at significant moments and experiences of my life.


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